Where do you get your occult books?

So I was thinking, where do you guys get most of your occult books and PDFs? There are a couple of places where I start searching for stuff whenever I need something. Obviously, the first place I would look is Amazon if I’m looking to buy, and especially if it’s going to be a book, since I can’t do any good reading on a computer or eReader screen.

What else is there beside Amazon?

  1. Scarlet Imprint
    These guys have got a load of really nice and exclusive titles by authors such as Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold, Jake Stratton-Kent, Peter Grey and others. Real good quality, both the content and the presentation. Just look at some of those covers, especially the high-end limited editions: for example check out the Mor edition on this one: “Full black goatskin, extravagantly blind stamped about a gilt medallion heart, raised bands on spine, sombre marbled endpapers, ribboned, slipcased and reeking of cigar smoke and iron. A heavy book in all senses of the word.”.
  2. Ixaxaar
    Those interested in the left-hand path should already know about this one. Again, small publisher, high quality, limited editions, limited runs. Maybe too “black” for some, but if you overlook the aesthetic, I’m sure you can gleam occult gems from even the most macabre grimoire (especially!)
  3. Finbarr
    This one is a long standing publisher who is geared towards the more “pop” side magic and through extent includes other stuff such as self-help and psychology books.
  4. Nephilim Press
    Another, relatively new publisher that has authors such E.A. Koetting (or at least his Book of Azazel it seems) and S. Connolly.

If you know of any others, let me know!
Now, what about if you’re just looking for a quick PDF to get your fix or to decide if you’re going to buy that book.

Obviously searching on Google first won’t hurt… but often you can get them books on certain websites such as:

  • English.grimoar.cz
  • Occult Connection
    Shameless plug. We’re updating this with stuff and titles that you cannot find anywhere else. So if you’re looking for occult books pdf, stop by and check out our library.
  • Bookult.org
    Also has a selection of titles that are either hard to get or out of print.
  • FilesTube
    Not an occult resource but it can help you in your search since most PDFs are uploaded to sharing sites and it goes forward from there. Also good for other stuff.
  • The Pirate Bay
    Oldie but goldie. You’ll find guys who’ve uploaded gigabytes of occult and esoterica titles.
  • Reddit’s Library of Alexandria
    Some gems surface on there from time to time. Keep you eyes peeled and your downloaders ready.
  • TheOccult.bz
    Invite only and really hard to get one. I included it here for completion rather than as an actual resource.

Hopefully, you’ve got a load of resources to trawl to get your occult fix. Remember, these books aren’t free! The publishers are quite small and they need your support. This article is to be taken as an educational source, not as an invitation to break copyrights. Besides, I advise to throw away your computers and get that dead tree in your hands. Nothing like poring over a grimoire by candlelight… Am I right?


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First post!

The new WordPress.com looks good. The post page has been simplified and honestly I wish they implemented this into the .org version. Also the admin panel is in dire need of an overhaul. WordPress still remains a versatile CMS.

As for this blog, it won’t be more of a sideblog to OccultConnection. What doesn’t fit on there will be posted here, and vice-versa.


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